Did you know Dr. Delgado worked for a Podiatrist throughout his undergraduate studies? Due to his experiences, he is passionate about linking spinal health with a proper foot foundation.

If your feet are not properly supported, you can have postural problems throughout your body. The joints in your body that bear weight (ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, low back, neck) are links in a chain. If your feet aren’t balanced, every joint and the connecting muscle, tendons, and ligaments above them may become injured over time. Pain then occurs because of these imbalances. Even when your feet hit the ground, it causes shock waves that travel up throughout your body. If you are balanced, your feet can absorb much of that shock without causing additional stress/strain. Therefore at Washington Chiropractic we put into practice a protocol for patients who need this corrective care.

Washington Chiropractic is a proud provider of Foot Levelers orthotics. Unlike ordinary store-bought inserts, Foot Levelers are fabricated from digital scans of your own feet. This technology facilitates what the company calls its “3 Arch Advantage” by creating perfect support for all three of your foot’s major arches, not just a generic approximation of the medial arch on the inside of the foot. This custom scan is also designed to view weight distribution and posture. Once your feet are properly balanced, you can say goodbye.

to not only your foot pain but also any other aches and pains your condition may have been causing.

Foot Levelers Orthotic Stabilizers helps:

Restore and Improve Balance

  • Develops Strength and Flexibility to keep the body stable
  •  Improves Gait
  •  Reduces Fatigue
  •  Improves Knee Alignment
  •  Improves Function
  •  Reduces/ Eliminates Pain
  • Enhances Athletic Performance
  •  Helps with “Flat Feet” & Ankle Pain

Our partners at Foot Levelers offer inserts in all styles from athletic to dress and an array of supportive sandals and casual shoes. Please ask us about stabilizing your foundation in conjunction with your chiropractic services.