Exercise Is A Lifetime Habit

Exercise is one of the most critical factors involved in weight control. The other major factor is eating the proper foods. It is difficult to reach and maintain weight and fitness goals when exercise is not done on a regular basis.

We suggest you find an exercise you enjoy and can fit into your lifestyle. By implementing a safe an enjoyable exercise program you will be able to stay motivated and move towards your weight loss goals.

Below are some common myths and negative thoughts about the value of exercise. Avoid excuses as an excuse not to exercise.

* Exercise Increases appetite.
* Exercise takes too much time and makes me tired.
* Exercise slows my weight loss down as I gain muscle.

Below are several of the benefits of exercise versus a sedentary lifestyle.

* Lowers the percentage of body fat
* Increases lean body mass
* Improves posture
* Increases metabolic rate
* Strengthens the cardiovascular system
* Reduces the risk of heart disease, atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis
* Lowers high blood pressure
* Reduces the severity and risk of developing diabetes
* Improves insulin efficiency
* Lowers depression
* Improves self-esteem
* Increases alertness & psychological functioning
* Reduces stress and anxiety
* Improves cholesterol levels

Types of Exercise

* Aerobic burns fat for fuel
* Anaerobic burns carbohydrates for fuel

The preferred exercise for weight management is aerobic. Consistent and lower impact activities during the weight loss process is the preference as opposed to the dynamic, start-stop activities.

Washington Chiropractic offers a lifestyle assessment and body composition analysis, to help you achieve the fastest and easiest way for your to lose weight and keep it off and achieve all your weight loss goals!

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